Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Early voluntary ID Cards

John Lettice writing in El Reg has some more info about the pre registration for ID cards that was announced earlier this month.

One trusts that Smith will be making sure that all of the New Labour MPs who voted for the scheme will be putting their names down for a personal (as if...) Identity Donor Card in Q1 2009.

I will certainly be asking Angela Smith MP if she applied, will you be asking your MP?

I am especially interested in the answer any of David Blunkett's constituents get as a) after boundary changes at the next general election he will be my MP b) he has been a vociferous campaigner for the cards.

Talking of David Blunkett, while checking if he was still advising Entrust I spotted something. If his page on "they work for you" is correct his entry in the register of members interests changed in 2002 to say

Second home in London, from which I temporarily receive rental income.

and it still says that on the current listing six years later, not what I call 'temporarily'. Also over five of those years (the sixth isn't available yet) he got £104,407 in Additional Costs Allowance, which is supposed to cover the cost of staying away from home, including claiming the maximum for the last two years.
As I read that means he is collecting money from the state to live in London and rent from the property concerned. That doesn't sound like a good use of taxpayers money in these lean times, even more so given he declares well over a hundred thousand pounds of paid work this year to his production company and it doesn't even seem like this was a particularly good year for HADAW.


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