Monday, 19 April 2010

Delicious links 18 Apr 2010

Surfin Safari - Blog Archive How WebKit Loads a Web Page
Linkage: How WebKit Loads a Web Page >> Webkit blog (Surfin' Safari) #fb
Charles Arthur (charlesarthur)
The Perverted Negress Vanilla Bigotry. I like this post.
Derek / Delilah (apiphile)
Nick Clegg's rise could lock Murdoch and the media elite out of UK politics | David Yelland | Comment is free | The Guardian
"a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote against Murdoch and the media elite" < Near cast iron clarion call to vote for them
An Open Letter to the Liberal Democrat Party
RT @felix_cohen: back to basics.
From Homogenous to Honey by Bryan Talbot and Neil Gaiman
RT (from AARGH in 1988 protesting laws that forbade gay-positive depiction) @bryan_talbot: put your Homogenous strip at
Neil Gaiman (neilhimself)
YouTube - Special Weapons Dalek
What the new (yes your arse does look big in that) Dalek design reminded me of
Dark Daisy Promotions - WGW- April 2010
#WGW10 event listing
Boomshanka on board? #fb on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Boomshanka on board? #fb
Richard King (graphiclunarkid)
Seth's Blog: In search of a jealous chipmunk
@thegreatgonzo In search of a jealous chipmunk: You won't find one, so don't waste your time.Chipmunks, wolves and...
TCK GR (tckgr)
An Open Letter to Apple Regarding The Company s Approach to Conversation with Its Peers and Its Community - John Battelle's Searchblog
Open Letter to Apple from @johnbattelle and me re Apple's approach to conversation with Its peers and its community
Tim O'Reilly (timoreilly)
Jack of Kent: BCA v Singh: Did the Skeptics *really* make a difference?
@thegreatgonzo BCA v Singh: Did the Skeptics *really* make a difference?: "Jack of Kent, pleased to meet you, love...
TCK GR (tckgr)
BBC News - Floating bikes would aid London - Monster Raving Loony
I like how all parties are responding to manifesto by Monster Raving Loony Party. Every vote counts
sunny hundal (pickledpolitics)
The Straight Choice | The election leaflet project
@TimHarford Ref the More or Less leaflet numbers watch have you and the team seen
HTML5 presentation
RT @tobinharris: Beautiful HTML5 capabilities presentation, in HTML5!
Steve Hodgkiss (stevehodgkiss)
BBC - Podcasts - More or Less: Behind the Stats
@Ruth_y @TimHarford sounding fab on BBC More Or Less podcast Both lovely people - cutting thru election bullshit.
Richard Courtice (Richard_C)

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