Monday 11 February 2008

Anonymous V Scientology

You would think with all the furore over the Tom Cruise YouTube video recently that protests outside the offices of the Scientologists would be worth at least a small piece. Seems to be the case everywhere but England. Google news search has 47 hits round the world, including Edinburgh but London doesn't get a mention.

So given that even a little read blog like this spreading the news makes a difference have a blog account and another, oh plus some flickr pictures.

Now I will admit that I haven't personally looked into scientology in any depth so don't want to argue that what these people are doing is a force for good. But currently any protest against any issue or group you feel strongly against has to be encouraged to remind the government that we value it as a right. I hope that V for Vendetta masks don't get over used in this manner, we should of course save them for if we have to oust Gordon from number 10 when he throws away the next election but doesn't feel like leaving. I just have this feeling of impending doom that he will make Mrs. T's exit look utterly dignified.

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