Wednesday 11 June 2008

Open Letter to the BBC web team

Dear Auntie Beeb,

Can you please explain why some blogs on the website, "BBC Internet Blog" for example have the full content of the post in their RSS feed while others, e.g. "The Editors" only have a short excerpt.

I understand the use of summarising fragments by commercial websites that need you to come to the site itself in order to show you adverts in order to generate income, but I wouldn't have thought getting people to view the original HTML copy would have been a big priority for the BBC.
I find full content feeds much more useful especially when catching up with feeds on other devices on the move. Mobile browsing has vastly improved and where I am required to click through in most cases I can do so to read the whole content, but I would rather remain within my feed aggregating application.

I am a big fan of and find the blog network most illuminating, would you consider looking into providing the entirety of this content in full RSS feeds?

Tony Kennick

The above is an expanded version of a comment I put through the feedback system on the BBC website.