Friday 18 May 2007


As stated in the first posting I made here, one of the reasons I started this blog was for things I didn't feel fitted the tone of my LJ. Well it wasn't the only reason, another consideration was my innate belief that my writing isn't of sufficient quality. I waffle, I evade the point, the narrative zig zags more than a fat bloke trying to outrun a crocodile. Oh and I love overusing cute little similes, metaphors and highfalutin long words that if I am honest are only there to make me smile to myself as I read it back.
One of the big critisms of the "blogosphere" (apart from horrible constructions like "blogosphere") from old(er) media is the lack of an editorial process. Mostly I think that the lack of proprietorial control, corporate style guides and being "on message" is the best thing about blogging and citizen journalism. I for one however, would appreciate the other half of being edited: feedback on quality of writing, help hitting the appropriate tone, an objective point of view about whether it is worth writing about the subject in the first place etc.
As this blog slowly gains a readership I am hoping that some of you will free to comment on the style and approach of the posts as well as just the subject and content. While I really wanted to avoid committing myself to every day or n times a week, I am enjoying the challenge of producing more "real" content as opposed to the kind of thing I was happy posting to LJ, it is making me think that the next project, when things are happily settled in the new house is to have another look at the idea of trying to run a comment and opinion magazine site.

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