Wednesday 17 October 2007

The end of personal responsability

According to a new report obesity is not the fault of individuals.
I am overweight, is this due to the governments inaction? No it is because I really like pies and beer and find exercise boring. I'm not even in general that unhealthy an eater, I try and have salads for lunch most work days but on occasions I just want a big juicy burger. When I am cooking at home I again try and have balanced meals, with health ingredients, but there are times when the phrase "pan fried in butter" is impossible to resist. Given that I already read the ingredients, count the calories, lookout for saturates, what do people expect the government to do? Ban butter? I am fat almost because I want to be, I might not like being tubby, but I am the only one who can do anything to change it.
If the government has a role it is in educating parents and putting more money into nutritious school food to help kids get a good start, but they can leave my pies alone.

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