Thursday 8 November 2007

Dave pushing the Private Eye line

"Call me" Dave's policy advisors obviously seem to be reading Private Eye at the moment. Ever since that particular satirical organ decided that it would cast Gordon Brown in Stalin's mould issuing diktats from the centre of a huge centralist machine the Tory leader has been announcing a great deal of local, community policies.
He has been running with things along these line since "big idea" to encourage "voluntary and community action" to defeat poverty arrived over the summer. But now we are through the looking glass with the adoption of the co-operative principle for his Pioneer Schools. I wonder what the long time bed fellow of Labour, The Co-operative Party thinks of all this.

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Joe Otten said...

It does seem very much like a looking glass world at times. But of course there is nothing easier for a politician to do than say they "encourage" something. Thanks for the moral support, mate, that really helps. (And this applies to all parties.)

When the tory manifesto eventually turns up I expect the direction it leans in to be very different from the mood music we are getting now.