Friday 16 November 2007

Is homoeopathy bad science?

Ben Goldacre has written about homoeopathy in both Lancet and Gruaniad flavours.
There isn't much more for me to say apart from the second article, which is the lead article in the Guardian features section is going to to get noted down as somewhere to point people at, for it is quite one of the best bits of writing on a science topic I have ever read in the mainstream media. Actually sorry Ben, I shouldn't pigeon-hole it like that, it is a great piece in any context </fanboy>. If anyone wants to learn how special interest groups (as pointed out the techniques the homoeopaths use are also used by big pharma) to make it look like trials and studies back their point of view or indeed learn about how evidence based medicine works they should start here and then look into the references, unfortunately it looks like Sheffield libraries doesn't have the Trisha Greenhalgh book he recommends.

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