Saturday 10 November 2007

It just isn't cricket

Can someone please explain to me why the various administrators in world cricket believe they can still run a closed shop?
How is it that every year during the winter those of our finest not on tour are happily waved goodbye by their county and country as they toddle of to ply their trade in the SuperSport Series and the Pura Cup and yet Solanki, Nixon and Maddy have caused scandel by joining up with the Indian Cricket League? Sorry the "rebel Indian Cricket League" as it seems to be impossible to report on this particular twenty20 competition without referring to it in the pejorative.
Ok the ICL can't have the same impact on the game as "World Series Cricket" did, that breakthrough has already happened, but if there is space in the market for more cricket then the BCCI should concentrate on improving its offering to cricket fans rather than trying to strong arm other governing bodies into banning players who want to join.

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