Saturday 24 November 2007

Not feeling good about it

The defining characteristic of this blog is that it is my opinion on whatever is making me feel particularly angry or happy or whatever when I sit down to write it. Anything I present as fact, I spend a reasonable amount of time looking for items to cite to back them. When I am quoting the writing of others I hope that whether I am using quotations marks or put it in a block it is noticeable. The rest of it however is my thoughts and feelings on the matter and mine alone.
So it comes as a great shock to find out that some of my blathering has upset someone, they have taken my opinion seriously and feel that because things in their life are different this is a bad thing.
Don't think this means I will be changing my opinions on anything, or that I will be pulling my punches, but I may well try and warn my friends when I cover topics that affect the fundamental parts of their lives and in this case start thinking about ways to make it up to the people involved.

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Anonymous said...

It is because you are well-read, well liked and respected that some of the things you say may hit harder than you may have anticipated!
Last time I checked we have 'freedom of speech' - you have the right to say what you think and I would not expect you to censor your thoughts, but to post honestly!
If I disliked or disrespected you then you would be much easier to ignore, of course, but I'm afraid you don't get away from being classed as 'friend' *quite* as easily as that! *HUGS*
Longrat (the paranoid)