Monday 28 January 2008

Heaven forfend that these people are allowed to learn.

I am sickened this morning by the shear amount of bile coming from "the popular press"[1] about the McDonalds "A-Level". Yes the quotes are required, as it isn't one, it is a diploma that is run to a standard set by the QCA, but to be honest I wouldn't see it as a problem if it was, with UCCA points and all. I will admit that I am on occasion cynical about qualifications, but then I work in IT where there are a million vendor based competencies and the introduction of this kind of formality would let people judge the relative merits of such things as, MCSA, CNNA, OCP etc.
It is also very telling that to a paper they all lead with the burger company (which has a comprehensive system of vocational training in the USA, very little of the fast food content in Snow Crash was Science fiction), rather than any of the other companies such as Network Rail and Flybe who will also be offering them.
It obviously offends all of these people that the "lower orders" be allowed to learn things.
[1]This includes some bloggers.