Sunday 13 January 2008

Some good news from the 10th Kremlin.

In an 'interesting coincidence' at the same time as the The Observer launch their "Donor for Life campaign" Gordon Brown uses a piece in the Sunday Telegraph to launch a debate on the organ donation system in this country.
Regular readers will know that this is an issue I feel strongly about and I broadly support the proposals it remains to be see whether First Secretary of the Labour Party Bean has the balls to propose to change the other problem with the system. Under the current system, which requires you to make a positive commitment of consent to donate, if the members of your family with you when you die don't like the idea, they have a veto. Even if you have your donor card tattooed on your chest it may still see viable organs going to waste and I can see them using the family veto to assuage the naysayers who can't see this reform as a good thing, but think it is the state interfering despite the right to opt-out.

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