Friday 15 February 2008

The name is Morris, Philip Morris

Licence to smoke

Health for England have coughed up a proposal to bring in a smoking licence, somewhat similar to the Rod Licence you have to obtain from the environment agency if you want to go fishing. Now I dislike both activities about as much but thanks to the recent smoking ban they both happen outside in the drizzle away from me. Apparently the bureaucratic nightmare involved in obtaining the licence will persuade people to give up as that is the easy path.

Let us examine some typical users shall we, your average Gruaniad reading smoking  hippy is unlikely to be put off by the forms neither is the stereotypical low income single parent who has already filled in thousands of forms for tax credits and free prescriptions etcetera. Oh hang on, why bother separating these people out, they are all in one category, addicts, they will do anything for a fix, why do these people think a little paperwork is going to get in the way?

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