Monday 18 February 2008

The ranting of a grieving father.

Mohamed Fayed is at it again:

"Prince Philip rules the country behind the scenes. I think Prince Philip is the actual head of the Royal Family. He is a racist. He was brought up by his aunt who married one of Hitler's generals. This is the man who is in charge who is manipulating and can do anything.

"Time to send him back to Germany from where he comes. You want to know his original name — it ends in Frankenstein."

Now I do recall that the prince was brought up by an "interesting" relative but I thought that she was Marie Bonaparte, distant relation to Napoleon I of France and a psychoanalyst. Then mostly he was raised by the British public school system, Gordonstoun if I recall correctly. As for his 'original name' I assume he means Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg which admittedly does share one syllable with the one the phoney pharaoh used.

To be perfectly honest none of this forms the most outrageous parts of Mr Fayed's testimony it is his outline of the participants of the conspiracy; along with the British Royal Family he lists: Sarah McCorquodale, two former Scotland Yard Commissioners Lord Condon and Lord Stevens, two French pathologists, the French police and the French Establishment. I mean it beggars belief that anyone, no matter how delusional would believe there could exist a conspiracy like this between the English and French establishments!

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Joe Otten said...

I suspect if I was in his place, and had really been told hours earlier that Di and Dodi were engaged and expecting a child, then I too would believe all that rubbish and more. The coincidence is too big.