Thursday 7 February 2008

Your help please

I need a word for a section of the reporting spectrum, you can probably imagine which papers are included, which bloggers, most commercial radio news fits in. The defining characteristics are those outlets that enrage me when they report anything that needs a shred of human decency. They will have used the term McALevel for a start. Any suggestions for a collective term for these bastards most welcome.
Today they are reporting a speech by Dr Rowan Williams about faith based law, they are mostly ignoring what he actually said which was measured, calm, and advised caution. It was about all faiths including other sections of Christianity who may feel they are not directly served. It was about civil issues, marital disputes or financial matters for example. What they are reporting is that he wants to introduce Sharia Law.
What none of them are reporting either is we have plenty of this happening on a semi-formal basis, backed by money from several bodies as an offshoot of the sharia councils. The other thing they are glossing over is how any of this is different from the rabbinical courts. If you are going to make a fuss about law from other faiths surely all of it bad? Of course all this has flared up at the smae time as the debate over the blasphemy laws.

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