Monday 17 March 2008

mistakes do happen

One of my favorate blogs at the moment is one where those poor buggers in retail vent their frustration at customers who never get it, no matter how polite and appolagetic you are. While some UK based stories appear it is mostly stuff from the other side of the atlantic.
Mostly because over here in supermarkets the customer is always wrong. I was in a popular high street brand recentley. Despite warning the checkout opperator that I had an unusual bulk perchase offer she rang it through individualy, when I was insistent she was over charging me, she called over the suppervisor who again told me I was wrong. Then after they both went and checked the special offer poster and leaflet she took 5 minutes to work out which barcode to scan. I know how difficuld this can be like explaining to people why when the have taken one tin of beans from a four pack and the till wants to charge them full price. They could have erased the whole thing in one simpld way, "I'm sorry about that" instead as I walked out they talked behind their hands, I was an awkward customer.

In another story the head of Public Protection at Liverpool Council is calling on the BBFC to give 18 certs to films featuring smoking. Perhaps if he went and asked the councils licencing dept about how the whole thing works he could cut out the middle man. BBFC certs only work in cinemas on the sufference of the council.
Sorry for any typos, mobile blogging is currently spell check free.

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