Tuesday 27 May 2008

Time for real Subs in Cricket?

To take nothing away from a fabulous performance which saw England post their fifth highest fourth innings total to win the match, I have a niggle of doubt. While the result is quite rightly posted under the current laws and playing conditions as by 6 wickets it is only by 4. New Zealand only lost nine wickets in each innings, due to the loss of Daniel Flynn to the dentist.

Should we look at the idea of full substitutions into the game to keep things fair?

Even more contentiously, should the idea of lighting tests be looked at to stop light based interruptions?


Michael said...

If you believe Ricky Ponting, England already tried this in the last home Ashes series.

I'm all for it - a much better idea than the pinch hitter mess they introduced in the one days.

Joe Otten said...

The subs used in one day games a while back were a total fiasco. A big reward for guessing or winning the toss. Power plays are a big nonsense too. There should be the same fielding restrictions throughout, whatever they are. (And this would also make Duckworth Lewis more accurate)

I guess the trouble with subs for injury is that becomes over time a route for tactical substitution. Spinners might end up only ever playing the last half or quarter of the game.

Lighting and pink balls otoh seems a good idea.