Saturday 28 June 2008

Accidental live blogging of the ODI

I didn't itend to live blog the One Day International but after the first few status updates (on Facebook/Twitter) I carried on. I thought I would copy it here to keep a record of my pain.

10:00 Tony awaits the ODI with mounting excitement.
10:43 Tony hopes KP winning the toss is a good omen.
11:11 Tony thinks Ambrose may have reignited the wicket keeper debate.
11:47 Tony wonders if Styris's sidebar picture was taken as a ferret went up his tracksuit.
12:11 Tony w00ts the demise of McCullum.
12:59 Tony notes you don't need to smack Flynn in the mouth to get him out.
13:33 Tony already hates the new magners advert as much as the bulmers one that has been running for weeks.
14:21 Tony isn't too unhappy at the prospect of chasing 266 as long as the buggers don't collapse like a sandcastle being hit by the incoming tide.
15:48 Tony says Go KP!
15:59 Tony is pretty sure 24 isn't a justification for picking Cook over an all-rounder.
16:48 Tony knows that a man with less blind loyalty and faith would start to worry at this point, but is resolutely not that man.
17:15 Tony may, only may, be starting to entertain doubts.
17:26 Tony has dropped the 'may's.
17:43 Tony starts composing a heroic ballad praising the skills of Shah and Broad ready.
18:01 Tony crosses out all he has written so far on the ballad.
18:17 Tony even the most optimistic fan can have no hope now.
18:26 Tony joins Sir Ian in the rush to blame the selection policy.

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