Thursday 3 July 2008

Pointing out the bleeding obvious

A good number of you will have seen this already as a bunch of you must be gamers and if you are a gamer you have to watch and like Zero Punctuation right?[1] this week Yahtzee is talking about web comics but the narrative about childish attitudes both to people being critical and by those critiquing sounds very familiar, it probably always did, but at the moment it is just in our faces.

There are two classic examples in the air right now, first the ironed sardines situation where a man who causes great offense (nothing to do with his criminal one, but his views on certain subjects, you will note he hasn't been on my blog-roll for months) has the balls to admit it was him behind the mask. Second the fall out from the liberal bloggers' event at the Guardian, specifically the session on feminism. (I have to at this point say I rarely write on feminist topics, I have far to many penises to be really qualified to speak on them. Any previous blog posts[2] about that sort of issue have tended to be more about scientific method etc than the feminist principles involved). For example Penny Red's rejection of 'ignored VS abused'. and all the other posts documenting self defeating arguments of the XY crowd.

So sit back and try and rewrite the script of the video for 'blogging' rather than running a comic, bet they both look the same though.

[1]Zero irony ;-> besides if you aren't a gamer but a politico reading this you must recognise the style from Lee's political pastiche
[2] abortion for example

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