Saturday 28 February 2009

My picked ‘stream’

Well in the end I decided to pick a stream about stuff I know little about but is still interesting, as I am well in touch with quite a lot of the database/politics stuff I have gone for media based stuff. So session six ‘Press Freedoms’ for the morning and session nine, “who rules, is there a media-political class” for the afternoon. Of course the fact that this gets me a seat and a power socket for the lunchtime bloggers conference is nothing to do with it ;-)

Of course this isn’t an official stream like you get at more geeky conferences, but interestingly this does seem to a) a very popular session b) of course has a number of people with cameras and notebooks out and c) where quite a lot of the twiterati of the conference are.

Actually having looked up and seen how packed to the gunnels it is I am very glad I got here early and grabbed a spot!

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