Thursday 12 March 2009

Dancing with the stars

As you can imagine I am not a huge fan of the dancing or singing "competition" programs that are the staple of Saturday prime time on Aunty Beeb's number one channel and care even less for the more populist version on the other side. I have no real interest in watching people, whether celebs or otherwise being humiliated supposedly for entertainment (unless they are in on the joke, I have watched a bit of the comic relief variant) and I certainly have never been interested in watching the overseas variants that BBC Worldwide have successfully sold.

I am however interested to follow the fortunes of the unlikely, the underdogs, I never watched him dance but it was always fun to hear the lightly humoured outrage that John Sergeant was still on Strictly. So it looks like the 'unusual choice' contestant is now part of the format as licensed as Woz is on 'Dancing with the Stars'

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