Tuesday 16 June 2009

Please stop inviting me to sign your petition.

People keep asking me to sign a petition or join a facebook group protesting about the age and alcohol based segregation during gigs at Corporation.

Feel free to join/sign yourself if you want to but I won't be.

Having a suspicion that there was probably a reason why this licence condition had been put in place I made a Freedom of Information request to the council to see all 'reports, notes, minutes, agenda papers or other documentation' that had been put before the licensing committee to do with Corp. As I suspected it was all about the "Protection of Children from Harm" objective of the Licensing act 2003. The documentation from the council included reports from South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board about issues in the past with breaches of their license with respect to under 18s. So there are restrictions in place for Corp because they have been caught out so the anguished cries about this are getting no sympathy from me.

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