Thursday 8 April 2010

The death of my online presence #DEBill #GE2010

It is likely my days are numbered, I will not be with you for much longer, my only hope is you will miss me when I am gone.
My online self is about to die, cut off from the data supply which is as vital to it existing as oxygen is to my real world self.
Firstly all the pubs, cafes and other places I like to frequent will have to stop providing usable WiFi as it will be too much of a business risk.
Then my home connection will be turned off, time will see exploits against even the highest grades of wireless encryption currently in use; so it won't be long before people can download files willy nilly using it and have me cut off when I am accused of "illegal file sharing". This may even become a method of attack against people to deny them service. Even if I then switch to a wired internal network it will be too late.
Finally as far as personal access go I have my dongle. Since sim card cloning has been around for years and over the air attacks on mobile data traffic have been shown in the theoretical space that won't be safe from "technical measures" for long.
To begin with while all this is going on I will have my work internet connection, but how much longer for? Given that the Digital Economy Bill is going to kill off the digital economy in a fruitless attempt to shore up the bad business models of BPI members etc, the company I work for could fail and die and I doubt that I'll have much time on the internet when I try and make a go of being a cook.


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