Thursday 6 May 2010

Delicious links 05 May 2010

Penny Red: For fuck's sake, vote.
RT @PennyRed: VOTE.
singing my song - Ten reasons why, if you re considering voting Labour, you should think again
RT @stephmog: Anyone I know who's tempted to vote Labour through fear of a tory government - please read this: http://lizw.livejournal.c ...
BBC - dot.Rory: Pollsters, bookies, and boffins
RT @BBCRoryCJ: New blog post - pollsters bookies and boffins - who'll predict the election most accurately?
Computer Weekly
Another press mention for @mooglove, this time the "downtime" column of Computer Weekly
Whirlpool Electric Dryer (never used)
RT @cleanthes: Get some authentic spod gear from the Lord of the Spods. RT @xurble: Buy my dryer :)
xkcd: Python
National Journal Magazine - Do 'Family Values' Weaken Families?
RT @gnat: "If red and blue America seemed to be talking past one another about family values, it's because they were."
Treading the boards for a very important cause - The Star
Treading the boards for a very important cause -

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