Saturday 3 July 2010

Delicious links 02 Jul 2010

Half Past a Freckle: The Software That Could Make You Wear a Watch Again
RT @syn: RT @catburton: A watch with an SDK? Ace! << FAO @chrisdymond
Sheffield Theatres - The Man From Stratford: Being Shakespeare
In order to take a break from worrying about casting Macbeth, tonight I'm off to see Simon Callow being Shakespeare
On Government Big and Small. And Weeding. Code for America
RT @timoreilly: Fabulous: Government big and small. And weeding. Must-read. #gov20 #citizenship
Amid Church Abuse Scandal, an Office That Failed to Act - The New York Times
RT @davidgerard: From 1982, it really was Ratzinger's job to deal with child-raping priests. And he just didn't. Smok ...
Do You Have Strong Views on Blogs or Twitter?
@thegreatgonzo you should write summat
Erica Packington (Erica_Jane_MP)
Where am I 1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
#WhereamI Joining in @dansumption's game
open...: An (Analogue) Artist's Reply to Just Criticism
RT: @glynmoody An (Analogue) Artist's Reply to Just Criticism - why abundance changes the equation #copyright #rights
How Else Can Nick Clegg Use Crowdsourcing to Turbo Charge Your Freedom | blur Group
@thegreatgonzo its great to see crowdsourcing evolve and taken to the masses (@lesteph @jukesie)
blur Group (blurGroup)
Evolution of an idea: From JISC Answers to Your Freedom Matt Jukes
RT @lesteph: RT @jukesie: Evolution of an idea: From JISC Answers to Your Freedom: < nice to see end result of ...
The open spending data that isn t this is not good countculture
Looks like there is a land-grab going on with council spending data
BBC - Nick Robinson's Newslog: Mayday Mayday: Electoral reform referendum
Put 5 May 2011 in your diary
Johann Hari: How Goldman gambled on starvation - Johann Hari, Commentators - The Independent
RT @doctorcdf: Johann Hari hits another one out of the park: | #casinocapitalism #fail

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