Tuesday 27 July 2010

Delicious links 26 Jul 2010

Film Council axemen could murder an industry | Andrew Pulver | Film | guardian.co.uk
@thegreatgonzo @exitthelemming perhaps but likely funding signif cut and turmoil in the meantime: http://bit.ly/drILHa Not gd for brit film
Tom Harper (tomharps) http://twitter.com/tomharps/statuses/19593027601
MaPit: API to turn postcodes/points to admin area info and polygons http://bit.ly/aWKbTA
Google e-mail, Los Angeles: Google misses deadline for L.A. city e-mail system - latimes.com
RT @timoreilly: Flap over Google email system in LA shows the kinds of resistance cloud apps will meet from institutions http://bit.ly/ ...
Random Acts Of Reality :: Done
Who knows what is next for the Womble porn blog? Good luck @Reynolds http://bit.ly/d3ExMY
16-bit waterfalls in Canvas - Boing Boing
@thegreatgonzo 16-bit waterfalls in Canvas: Beautiful, old-school Amiga-style pallette cyling with HTML5. [Effect ... http://bit.ly/b2MejN
TCK GR (tckgr) http://twitter.com/tckgr/statuses/19559917946
Neil Gaiman's Journal: Normal Service Will Be Resumed As Soon As Possible
Dr Who episode by @neilhimself to feature mermaids http://bit.ly/db7zDW ;-)

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