Wednesday 18 August 2010

Delicious links 17 Aug 2010

I'm Voting Tea Party brand t-shirts by Jeremy Kalgreen
RT @gdwessel:
BBC - BBC Internet Blog: The prototype of Dimensions
@thegreatgonzo The prototype of Dimensions: Today we are launching the prototype of Dimensions.

When I took over...
TCK GR (tckgr)
Ordnance Survey Blog What the PSMA really means
RT @gothwin: RT: @OrdnanceSurvey: On the blog: What the PSMA really means, Derived Data and Google #GIS #maps
A letter from the Confused British Public | Liberal Conspiracy
@thegreatgonzo A letter from the Confused British Public: Dear The Left,
Thank you for your policy suggestions, w...
TCK GR (tckgr)

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