Friday 10 September 2010

Delicious links 09 Sep 2010

Tony Blair - An Alternative Journey | openDemocracy
@saulcozens try and
Ben Jennings on Tony Blair's A Journey and Iraq | Comment is free | The Guardian
@saulcozens try and
ARM Unveils Cortex-A15, Up to 2.5Ghz Quad-core
RT @l0st3d: +1 ... where's my sexy arm laptop ? << what he said
Open Source Software Licensing |
Directgov Innovate asks "Which licence do you think would best suit our projects?"
Let a million data structures bloom... - Martin Belam's currybetdotnet blog - September 9, 2010
RT @currybet: "Let a million data structures bloom..." - my thoughts on Tom Coates' 'semantic web must die' slide # ...

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