Tuesday 23 November 2010

Delicious links 22 Nov 2010

The Black Blood of the Earth | funraniumlabs.com
"I like to imagine that if Chlthuloid horrors had acne, it would look like that" http://bit.ly/aEtoy0
Open-ended publishing - O'Reilly Radar
@thegreatgonzo Open-ended publishing: All change begins with a thought. That's why I'm big on mental shifts. If ... http://bit.ly/9Ujq39
TCK GR (tckgr) http://twitter.com/tckgr/status/6732783015694336
Paul Chambers has decided today to proceed with High Court challenge
RT @Preiskel: BREAKING - @pauljchambers to challenge #TwitterJokeTrial conviction at the High Court, see: http://bit.ly/d3Vxa4

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