Thursday 25 November 2010

Delicious links 24 Nov 2010

Dancing with Invisible Light - a set on Flickr
@Jagusti didn't take long for people to use it to take pictures involving nudity #gistmag
We Watch. Find out what your friends are watching tonight.
RT @saulcozens: I'm watching "Your Mum" All Night Long on YouPorn. Find out what people are watching tonight on
BBC News - First Data Protection Act fines issued by commissioner
The Information Commissioner actually in actually doing something shocker
Well I didn t vote for me | philljupitus
RT @jupitusphillip: Here are my Spamalot 2011 tour dates... Trot on Patsy... << I may have to plan a trip
House Of Twits - Vote
@thegreatgonzo Thanks for voting NO: was @pauljchambers joke about blowing up an airport 'obviously menacing'?
House Of Twits (HouseofTwits)
Can Martha teach the government not to think it s Google? Labour Uncut
RT @tom_watson: Can Martha Lane Fox convince the government not to be Google:
Art or Advertising? : Controversy Over Oversize L.A. Murals Looms Large - Los Angeles Times
@saulcozens maybe?
Talis Platform - Home
RT @glynmoody: goes open source - rather amazing vote of confidence here #opensource

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