Saturday 8 January 2011

Delicious links 07 Jan 2011

The Ashes 2010-11: the entire series in statistics and data from Opta | Sport |
Philip Hughes edged 8% of all deliveries faced Punter was second edging 7.76% (/cc @TestMatchSofa)
Cleaning Up Online Conversation - HBR Agenda 2011 - Harvard Business Review
RT @mikeloukides: Clay Shirky on site design to support good conversation, rather than trolling posturing. ...
A control order ruined my life and my respect for Britain - Home News, UK - The Independent
RT @justmckeat: 'A control order ruined my life'
Sheffield Theatres - Latest News
I wonder who Sheffield Theatres use to supply their box office systems, what are they taking a week to do?
Life Below 600px | Paddy Donnelly
RT @IanDouglas: Do not try to live above the fold. That's impossible. Instead, only try to realise the truth: there is no fold. http://b ...
M.D.O.D.: Happy Valentine's Day!
@tim_cooper_uk @em_cooper the old standbys at school were foreskin in the fly zip Vs this sort of thing
Jonathan Agnew - For all you doubters!! - TwitVid
Oh my lordy lord @aggerscricket does The Sprinkler. I've died and gone to heaven.
Stephen Fry (stephenfry)
Quirky London Museums - Visit London
o boy o boy o boy... RT @LDN: London's quirkiest museums (via @visitlondonweb)
Aleks Krotoski (aleksk)
The worst websites ever . Richard Wiseman's Blog
RT @TimHarford: Need a web designer? @RichardWiseman has some great recommendations, if you don't mind tearing your eyes out first: http ...
I'm not sure I like this. It was all upbeat and funky to... on Twitpic
@thegreatgonzo hope he doesnt mind this then
Joe Hullait (jhullait)
'Laughing stock' libel laws to be reformed, says Nick Clegg | Law | The Guardian
'Laughing stock' libel laws to be reformed, says Nick Clegg
A Cricketing View: Technology
@thegreatgonzo A good read on the topic
Aatif Nawaz (AatifNawaz)

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