Friday 14 January 2011

Delicious links 13 Jan 2011

RIM Careers - Jobs at Research In Motion Careers
RT @lynsey_s: Was just emailed this. People really need to think about URLs - Poor choice of domains, RIM. "Head to to s ...
Tony's Blog: Proud announcement
Proud announcement
@thegreatgonzo MassMoneyMakers Make Easy Online #Money ! Check This Out!
@thegreatgonzo MassMoneyMakers Make Easy Online #Money ! Check This Out!
Charlotte Preece (CharlottePreece)
BBC News - Bradford cannabis raid finds guinea pig heater
RT @jimbarter: @NaddyO Wanna see a drugs bust? get a guinea pig.
Neil Gaiman's Journal: I will be animated (yellow).
Anyway as the good lady said, a parallel honours system exists in being a guest voice on the Simpsons
Jenny McCarthy weighs in about Andrew Wakefield--with predictable results : Respectful Insolence
RT @Doctor_V: Jenny McCarthy weighs in on Andrew Wakefield's evisceration - with predictable results

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