Tuesday 15 February 2011

Delicious links 14 Feb 2011

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Severely geographically challenged people put on West Street pub crawl with only one pub on West St http://on.fb.me/eMhfzg
APOD: 2006 June 20 - Hideaway
@wibblymat @em_cooper @richbugger http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap060620.html
New Statesman - Making marriage harder
RT @DavidAllenGreen: My Valentine's Day blogpost at @NewStatesman on marriage and romance: http://bit.ly/hXw4K9
What Online Piracy Can Teach Independent Filmmakers
RT @MikeBusson: My personal take on the whole online piracy issue: http://bit.ly/online-piracy
"Outsourcing Democracy in the Netherlands" by Anne-Marie Oostveen
RT @williamheath: Why e-voting is a good idea http://is.gd/YVx7UU ....not.

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