Tuesday 22 February 2011

Delicious links 21 Feb 2011

DIFRwear: Faraday Caged Apparel
@edent May I suggest: http://difrwear.com/
BBC - Sound of 2011 - James Blake
RT @JemStone: BBC now publishing number of tweets/likes a page receives : http://bbc.in/gT3YDw (eg: JamesBlake page: 3863 likes, 251 t ...
BBC - BBC Internet Blog: Frame accurate video in HTML5
SMPTE timecode based and frame accurate metadata logging is now possible over the web with HTML5 http://bbc.in/i2kx0H
James Corrigan: This World Cup is just a little bit rigged but a big bit too long - Cricket, Sport - The Independent
RT @lizzy_ammon: I don't think the Independent's James Corrigan is very excited about this World Cup- might be wrong though http://ind. ...
Did you watch porn?
Today's urls to check out http://didyouwatchporn.com/ and http://panopticlick.eff.org/
glynwintle (glynwintle) http://twitter.com/glynwintle/status/39467458368765952
Yes, we do know what day it is (but we probably won't say so) | Mind your language | Media | guardian.co.uk
RT @hrwaldram: Update on why Guardian website is dropping use of 'today', 'tomorrow' etc - | Mind your language http://t.co/The5wWt via ...

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