Tuesday 15 March 2011

Delicious links 14 Mar 2011

Geologist explains some more science behind Japanese earthquake amp; tsunami - Boing Boing
Geologist explains some more science Japanese earthquake tsunami http://bit.ly/f69Crn Are we too reliant on GPS? http://oreil.ly/eJB5SI
10 Kick Ass Presentation Techniques | Think Vitamin
How Government Data Can Improve Lives - Economic View - NYTimes.com
RT @danslee: Nice piece explaining how #opendata can improve lives (via @digiphile @jay_nath) http://t.co/LZwP81Z #gov20
Information is Beautiful "Whatever the situation or secret moment, enjoy everything a lot" http://bit.ly/hEzXoj
caf-pow! - SuperCox causes Chaos
RT @wibblymat: SuperCox causes Chaos http://t.co/sDbxF0a (@ProfBrianCox)
List of longest-reigning British monarchs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
@TestMatchSofa Liz only needs to last another 2 months to overtake George III http://bit.ly/dOxidi [Wikipedia]

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