Sunday 27 March 2011

Delicious links 26 Mar 2011

Leap second - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
@em_cooper we don't change the time we change what we call it... But it is arbitrary and isn't a good fit for reality
Network Time Protocol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nick Pickles s blog - The thinkings of a music photographer, tech PR and sometime speech maker.
RT @Mike_J_Cox: Excellent expose on the tax dodgers at F M and why ukuncut are morons
Press release: UK Uncut Occupy Tax Dodgers Fortnum and Mason | UK Uncut
. @thegreatgonzo no idea how accurate, but here's UKuncut's justification for the F M occupation
Terence Eden (edent)
Tony's Blog: Up Coming Theatre
Tony's Blog: Up Coming Theatre
Nick Clegg confused over winter fuel payments -
@thegreatgonzo Transpires it was Clegg he shoulda learnt from yesterday
LouLouK (LouLouK)
BBC News - Budget 2011: Winter fuel payment blow for pensioners
@thegreatgonzo Nope, definitely dropped winter fuel.
LouLouK (LouLouK)
Slapped Down Article - Page 1 |
RT @helenlewis: Eurogamer on Duke Nukem's jaw-dropping "capture the babe" mode. << WTF?

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