Sunday 14 October 2012

Odd posters for the PCC elections


The Home Office have issued some posters as part of the effort to get out the vote on the 15th of November. I’m not sure i understand what they are getting at. I am in favour of any attempts to  increase turn out at elections, but I can’t see what the benefit to criminals is of a low one. Is there a quoracy clause in the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act that I haven’t spotted? If people don’t vote is there a risk that areas won’t elect someone at all?

It maybe that there is some market research that shows that of the suggested campaigns this was the one that would work best in convincing people to vote. But the cynic in me thinks that it is more about promoting the climate of fear the Home Office (under any recent government) promotes in order to try and persuade people it needs more and more illiberal powers such as the 'Snooper's Charter'.

Personally I haven’t seen any good research that suggest that the election of PCCs will have any positive effects, but I will be voting because I think that it is an important thing to do. For lots of links about registering to vote and even advice on how far you can go protesting but still have your ballot count see the Sheffield Votes blog.

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