Tuesday 19 March 2013

Self indulgent but important post*

This post is timed to auto-publish while the dress rehearsal for Silhouette is underway. As director it will be my last significant creative input to the play.
The real downer will be on Sunday, it is all over the gang breaks up and will never be quite back together.
Those of you that do cons, genre weekends, beer festivals etc will know all about this, as the emptiness hits.

This time I want it to be different.

The last few years have been difficult and I have given in to moping, moaning, griping and the like. 2013 has been particularly bad lots of things have come together to make my like worse, piled on top of each other and even a couple of my key coping strategies have been pulled out from under me. So I am going to change one or two things to try and have things move in a positive direction and not slump even more when play week is over.

  1. I will be more positive about myself on the Internet. I don’t want to stop talking about how I feel or my problems but the angsty broadcast messages on twitter and facebook help no one least of all me. You lot, out there are a key part of keeping my sprits up, I still want those conversations to happen, but as directed communication not scattergun moping. Please continue to ask how I am or what I’m up to, tweet, DM, facebook messages, SMS, whatever. I just don’t want to mope as much. None of this of course applies to me getting angry especially about politics and policy.
  2. I will be trying to have a slightly healthier lifestyle. This means watching what I am eating *and* drinking (it is very easy to spot one source of calories that I can cut down on) so even more of those “maybe” responses for meals or social drinking will turn out to be “no sorry” in order to help with this. I will be trying to use MyFitnessPal so will be after people to add as peer reinforcement on there. I’ll also be trying to do more exercise, but have limited energy. On that note
  3. I will be increasing my efforts to pace myself properly. Or rather decreasing my efforts and insuring I have breaks, evenings off, quiet weekends etc planed. There are a number of my friends who are good at telling me off, hopefully I can get to the point where these wonderful people don’t have to do this and we can talk about nice stuff instead. Again this probably means more “maybe” responses turn into no.

Sorry to all of you who are just casual readers and don’t *know* me or my problems, but this was far too long for twitter or facebook and this seemed to be the easiest way; everyone else *hugs*

*Who am I kidding all blog posts are self indulgent and while important to me this isn't important in the grand scheme of things.

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