Monday 22 August 2016

180° on Labour Coup narratives.

I don't want to comment on how likely the full on coup plans laid out in this and other recent stories is.
What I do want to say is how similar this to an cold war narrative of the right.
This stated that electoral victory for Labour under a more moderate leader like Neil Kinnock would lead to a takeover of the party by hard left forces with a pro USSR agenda.
If you are too young to remember these theories (or have just forgotten) then they were written up as a fictional memo in The Fourth Protocol by Frederick Forsyth. I don't think anyone is planning a faked nuclear accident this time however.
Of course the real Neil Kinnock started the fight against the hard left like Militant that many see Jeremy as harking back to and a lot of the same moderate left wing are again crying "Entryism" at an influx of left wing members as they did back then.
Will Mr Corbyn's tactic of mass rallies be more successful than Neil's and will there be a coup after?


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Albert Clifford said...

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