Sunday 18 December 2011

Hypothesis about UK politics

Part A: The party political system in the UK is broken; it at one and the same time fails to offer significant choice, is prone to tabloidisation and suffers from excessive tribalism.

Part B: The likelihood of a revolution taking place in the UK is so close to nil as to be not worth talking about.

So we have to look for other options, it is all well and good being against the current government, but in a large number of ways a Labour government is unlikely to be better.

Somehow what we need is to subvert the current electoral system to send people to Parliament who will actually represent their constituents; voting on issues based on doing the right thing not a three line whip.

This new breed of MP should also have the courage to engage and debate in order to challenge opinions based on media miss-information rather than just being scared about re-election.

The starting point could be the reduction in MPs and associated proposed boundary changes at the next election, as this will mean a one off explosion of the status quo of safe seats.

What else do we need to be thinking about?

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