Tuesday 19 June 2007

Back on stream

I suppose the big question after lots of last nights blogging, is what harm was Gatecrasher 1 doing you? Ok it may not have played your favourite music or had your favourite kind of people, but no-one was making you go there. It was employing people and the punters were enjoying it, and now that is broken; people's livelihoods are now at stake and the loss of a venue like that will effect us all as the various nights and events there go looking for other spaces. photos here if you don't know what I am on about

It is the same with the cheering over the death of Bernard Manning, the man has left family behind, loved ones who are now grieving his loss, be happy in of yourself if you like but cheering on a man shuffling off this mortal coil, no matter how much of a bigot he may have been. Just quietly and respectfully tick him off your dead pool team.

The last point is the right wing media hooting on about the BBC trust's new report about impartiality. I don't know what to rant more about, the fact that they are all missing the bit that says Auntie is getting it mostly right, the fact that they don't want impartiality, they want the BBC to bang on about immigration and how bad the government is and how it is all threatening house prices. Or should I just mention to them that they haven't got the faintest idea how difficult the tightrope of impartiality is, in contrast with the heart on the sleeve politics of print media, where no-one manages it and the only paper that really tries is as dull as ditchwater. Or perhaps given that the left also complains about ther treatment that perhaps the problem isn't bias, but that the BBC are asking the difficult questions we are asking them to?

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