Thursday 7 June 2007

Top Gear's 20 things you need to know about eco-motoring

I read this and couldn't keep quiet...

  1. According to Euro NCAP, an Audi Q7 is less harmful in a pedestrian impact than a Ford Fiesta.

    That is an argument to improve the Fiesta, not to drive the Audi

  2. A season of F1 racing burns less fossil fuel than a single transatlantic 747 flight.

    I suspect this only includes the racing, given that as there are two races on the other side of the pond a fair few people will be taking transatlantic flights

  3. The Stern Report found that cars make up less than half of all transport emissions in the UK.

    Half over all isn't an interesting figure, what was the proportion when you look at emissions per passenger per mile?

  4. The average British home emits 1,500kg more CO2 per year than a Ford Focus.

    Turn your heating down dude!

  5. Buy local. A car carrier burns 1,756 tonnes of heavy fuel oil one way from Japan to the UK.

    A fair and sensible point!

  6. Oxford Street is the UK's most polluted street. Most of Oxford Street's length is closed to cars.

    In fairness there are a lot of busses on Oxford Street, how do you teach tourists to ******* walk

  7. Like trains, cars are only efficient when they're full. A fully loaded Discovery emits less CO2 per occupant than a fully loaded Smart.

    Jeremy C himself did the test of standing next to a motorway counting cars with multiple occupants, the donkey sanctuary didn't get much money from him.

  8. Acid rain created from mining nickel for Prius batteries has destroyed the landscape in Sudbury, Ontario to such an extent that NASA now uses the area to test drive its latest lunar vehicles.

    NASA sent people to train there for the Apollo programme, which slightly predates the Prius, it was also due to specific rock formations not barrenness. While the Acid rain exists, the fact that the town is famous for the worlds largest coin, a "nickel", suggests that is what most of said metal is used for.

  9. It's at least three times cheaper to drive a small diesel from London to Edinburgh than it is to take the train.

    This is not an environmental point

  10. The average saloon car is responsible for its own kerbweight in CO2 per year. The average Brit accounts for 30 times his own body weight.

    30 times his own body weight ~= 390 stone (13 stone man) if the kerbweight of his car is 200 stone then it accounts for more than half the emissions (1.2 tonne car)

  11. The UK's superminis emit three times as much CO2 as its SUVs.

    In total? Is that because there are more of them?

  12. While 85 per cent of cars are recyclable by law, trains go unregulated, with much of each heading to landfill.

    No 12 and we have our second decent point, someone phone the EU and get this sorted

  13. A domestic flight emits around 400g/km of CO2 per passenger, four times that of a small diesel car with only the driver onboard.

    So don't fly domestic!

  14. Despite being smaller and emitting less CO2 than a Toyota Prius, the Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion is not exempt from London's Congestion Charge.

    Perhaps the congestion charge should be based on emission measures rather than engine technology

  15. Farting cows are responsible for 18 per cent of all greenhouse gases, more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together.

    So, is the Top Gear team going to give up on steak and burgers? Didn't think so...

  16. Anti-car evangelist Ken Livingstone doesn't even have a driving licence. But he does have a Prius.

    Cheap shot

  17. A Land Rover Discovery has a smaller carbon footprint than a London Cab.

    I bet I know which one does more passenger miles for that footprint

  18. Carbon offsetting could do more harm than good. Forests north of the Tropics retain heat and actually contribute to global warming.

    a) isn't that an argument about positioning of forests rather than just against them b) Offsetting should only ever be used for unavoidable carbon, we should still be reducing like mad.

  19. A Boeing 747 emits 400 tonnes of CO2 in 24 hours. It would take 250 cars a year to achieve this.

    You can see this either as an argument against large plains, or as a suggestion that you should buy an amphibious car and drive the 10600 if you want to get to sydney

  20. Some electric cars aren't even governed by today's safety legislature. The G-Wiz being one example.

    Again, this is hardly an environmental point

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