Thursday 6 September 2007

Dave shows his true green credentials.

In The Sun David Cameron set for his plan for 16 year-olds to do “patriotic” national service, which I suppose will appeal to those that believe a bit of discipline will do the nation's feckless youth some good. Unfortunately in the plan is a dropped clanger so large it would squash the soup dragon.
Youngsters going into adulthood will be able to take part in a mini triathlon, military training or the Three Peaks Challenge.

Well large numbers of environmentalists and residents near the three peaks in question Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike would prefer significantly less people doing the challenge.
To give you some context here is some advice from the Institute of Fundraising's Summary code of practice for Outdoor Challenge Events in the UK
  • If possible avoid weekends.
  • Limit walkers to no more than 200 per event.
  • completely avoid late June and early July
  • Do not use large coaches - only minibuses as roads are narrow

It is going to be difficult to fit any seizable percentage of the population of 16 year-olds doing this in their summer holidays into doing this without increasing the strain on the local amenities and causing further erosion on the hills. I hope that in the same way that if they do charity work half their terminal bribe goes to the charity, half the cash being given to the kids on the Three Peaks Challenge could go to the mountain rescue groups who will undoubtedly be called upon more often, volunteer staffed charities all.

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