Friday 7 September 2007

Odds and ends

I have had this post by Ben Goldacre open for some time while I tried to think of a story to write around it, I am giving up on that and have decided to just post the link and a thought.
I really respect Ben's writing on Bad Science and there are some very good points in here and I agree with almost all of it, my one quibble is with point one, lots of places have fostered a great community with actual proper conversations in the linear comments of a news site/blog, check out Radio 4's PM, so I don't think that At best your discussions might work with threaded comments, or with peer voting is right I think in those places there is a sense of community it will make life a heck of a lot easier, in those places where there isn't one or two will develop and on the news sites and blogs where the comments make me think the Daily Mail is a reasoned piece of journalism and the Daily Express is more than a two story pony no amount of change will help.

Since even before I was a teenager I helped out at a variety of playschemes for children with a wide variety of needs, from those with a wide variety of physical impairments to those with milder problems such as Hyperactivity. So I know that the research reported on yesterday will come as no surprise to anyone, we always when shopping for the refreshments looked for the magic flashes on the bottle of squash (all rare in the 80s) "additive free" or "no artificial colours" and when we couldn't find those look through the ingredients list to see which E numbers were in the drink. Even before I read the article the demonic inscription E110 floated into my mind and the cold certain knowledge that giving even weak orange squash with that in the Hyperactive kids would be causing mayhem.


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