Friday 7 September 2007

The McCanns

Even if you believe their story as they told it from the beginning I think the McCanns should have been charged with something, child neglect, they left their children unsupervised and unmonitored. Obviously, as with everything in law, is a debatable point, but I feel that in a resort where a babysitting service and a crèche were available they should have been used and certainly leaving the patio doors unlocked is a best foolish and at worse culpable behaviour. Gerry McCann has been quoted as saying "We have been advised that, legally, our behaviour was well within the bounds of responsible parenting, and have been assured that no action will be taken." But even that implies he was worried enough about the consequences of their actions to ask a lawyer.
I am saddened by this particular news, I really am, but this just builds on weeks of speculation, especially since the UK scene of crime team was brought in and I hope that all the rumours of them having killed Madeline are false, because I obviously want her to be found alive. But time is going on, it is getting less and less likely she will be found un-harmed and the law of averages does lend theories involving her parents a slight tinge of respectability. One of the counter arguments is how and why could they have done it. One of the most compelling explanations is as a pair of doctors, they could have sedated the children while they were at dinner and got the dose wrong or suffered from the bad luck of a reaction.
I still hold on to a shred of hope that thy haven't been playing us along, but if this is all a smoke screen I am glad I have never played poker against those two, they obviously are the type do a lot of big stack, all-in chip thugging. What they won't have realised,, if this was the case was that the world, especially the world's press almost never folds, pretty much every hand goes down to the river and they especially aren't newbies that will be fooled into thinking a full house beats four of a kind. So what will we see if all the card do get turned face up on the table?

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