Sunday, 14 October 2007

Campaign for fixed term Parliaments

I wrote what I think about fixed term Parliaments
10 days ago. Since Gordon Brown trifled with the affections of returning officers up and down the country a lot more people, from all tints and shades of the political spectrum, have said similar things. There is now an organised Campaign for Fixed Term Parliaments with an associated Facebook group, if you agree with the aims, go and join up.
There is also a new Bill before Parliament I am not as happy with this as I am with the campaign group being set up as it doesn't seam to have any provisions to deal with lame duck governments or other issues of confidence. It also seems to be technically unconstitutional as it has no provision for the monarch's right to dissolve parliament at their will which the current arrangements (the Septennial Act 1715 as amended by the Parliament Act 1911) support.

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