Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The only went and did it

It has been threatened for a long time, but when I got home last night after a wearing technical rehearsal I sat down and found that it had indeed happened.
No I am not talking about the LibDems pushing Ming onto his own sword, to be honest they never should have elected him leader in the first place. But I am talking about UKTV G2 being re-branded as "Dave" which I object to on three grounds.
The first is taste, this is an exercise in the purest puerility, the press release text[1] is a textbook example of facile rubbish and will probably end up on the syllabus of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
The second is financial, I am willing to be proved wrong on this and I am not a professional media analyst but this does seam to be great expense for little gain,I can't see the target audience change dramatically, the programme mix hasn't, so I can't see the revenue increasing. The channel is available now on freeview, so providing an extra section of the market to advertisers, but that could have been done without the expense of re-branding. Don't forget that UKTV is part owned by BBC Worldwide which has a remit to maximise revenue from the BBC's IP will this investment be shown to provide returns?
The last is political, I know it is fashionable to "appropriate" from the Conservative party at the moment, but while Labour are just stealing policies, this is a wholesale lifting of the marketing strategy for the Tory leader, they might as well have called it Cameron TV. I suppose it is just as well that they didn't spend a lot of money calling it Ming.

[1]presented from the google cache as that page has changed now on the live web site

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