Thursday 8 November 2007

Just like buses

As one piece of good news about accessing governmental documentation arrives, another is not far behind.
Firstly, when a minister in the house says "I am arranging for a copy of this document to be deposited in the Library" it has, for a little while now, been listed on the Parliamentary Deposited Papers website with a download link where available. The House of Commons information office have now stipulated that all documents must be submitted in a format that can be downloaded from the site, no more "hard copy only" deposits.
The next is an attept to provide a central clearing site for documents obtained under the freedom of information act.
The last is a fairly similar idea from mySociety the people that brought you TheyWorkForYou and PledgeBank but extending the idea to the point where the site helps you end to end with the process of submitting your request and archiving the response on the internet.

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