Monday 5 November 2007

Labour, leave those kids alone

What was reported earlier as new legislation that would
mean not just some but all young people will be able to stay in education or training to the age of 18.
has just been clarified by Jim Knight MP, Minister of State for Schools and Learners at being something a bit more prescriptive.
The proposal is, that in the early part of the next decade the school leaving age will be put up to 18 and you will have to either stay on at school, go to college or get a job or voluntary post that includes an element of training.
This isn't even a "do what we say or we'll cut your benefits" situation, it is going to be a matter of criminal law, even if you don't accept one penny of state assistance you will have to do what they are saying or say hello to your local magistrates' bench.
It certainly backs up the assertion by the people over at the political compass that Labour is getting more Authoritarian as well as more 'Right wing'.

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