Monday, 17 December 2007

Opinion of the day

Rather than well thought out comment pieces or just blindly railing at the stupidity of the world and our current government; I thought I would write a few posts based on things I believe, what value you want to place in these 'faiths' is up to you.
The rest of the world should stick a metaphorical finger up at the People's Republic and their "One China Policy". If as postulated the Republic have a referendum vote in 2008 to back the Democratic Progressive Party's resolution for a new constitution, name change and status then key groupings should voice their support. The U.S. has key defence links with the Taiwanese, Russia should be looking to do what it can to keep the PRC in check lest it lose a fair chunk of its far east, the E.U. can't support the independence of Kosovo against the wishes of Serbia and not this? Can they?
For all the talk that the only result of all this is war, would the PRC really risk the loss of all its external trade for a small island? Shame it would take balls of steel or a huge tit for tat veto bargain to get them into the UN though, no matter what you think Resolution 2758 means for Taiwan as opposed to "China".

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